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Online Content Coordinator

Part Time


We have been passionate about bringing quality products, along with the expert information to assist clients in giving their pets the best possible care out there. We have been operating in a brick-and-mortar retail environment for the past 21 years, and are looking to leverage available technologies to make it easier for our clients to find what they are looking for as well and getting it when they need to. In the past two years, we have started incorporating local delivery into our services, but some are still finding it difficult as they have to call in the order. We are looking for an E-Commerce Content Coordinator to help expand into new areas for us.


As an Online Content Coordinator, your job responsibilities will include:

  • Planning, creating and optimizing content on our website / e-commerce platform.

  • Developing systems to ensure orders come through in a timely fashion with as little as hassle as possible to our clients

  • Overseeing and responding to client communications, not just through our website, but through various other social media and online communications

  • Develop, optimize, execute & test marketing activities


Benefits Included:

  • Work from home, some commute for mandatory meetings and training required

  • Lots of learning opportunities: don’t worry if you don’t understand the technology behind e-commerce, we will be learning together

  • Employee discounts and employee pet feeder programs


We are looking for an individual who:

  • is self motivated and organized

  • can get behind our vision of setting up clients with the best possible life for their pets

  • has strong writing skills

  • has good communication skills

  • is always looking to learn and improve

  • is looking to grow this position into a full time position sometime in the near future

If this is you, please email Matt at with a PDF copy of your resume. We look forward to hearing from you!